Klimovichy District Local History Museum

The museum was founded on 11 July and was opened for visitors on 24 July 1984. The most significant collections are old printed books "The Book of Needs" (the late 19th century); "The Menaia" (1868); a woolly rhinocero tooth (30,000-15,000 years old); articles of folk costumes (the 19th century). The museum is located in a residential house of Prince N.N. Meshchersky.lt was built in 1867. The permanent exhibition is presented by the following sections: "Nature", "Far Past" (the 16th-20th centuries), "The Revolution of 1917" and "The Great Patriotic War", "At the Turn of the Century", "Famous Fellow Countrypeople". One of the directions of the museums activities is compiling and publishing books, booklets, brochures, photocatalogues as well as articles about famous countrypeople. The museum took part in the most interesting project of 2010 "Seven Wonders of Klimovichi", developed by the Klimovichi District Executive Committee. For the 1025th anniversary in the V village of Stary Dedin (Klimovichi District), the museum held the event of reconstructing the ritual "Water Consecration" on 14 August 2010.
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